It’s Me, Hezhi was a life and style publication that focused on simple on the go styles for everyday. Since a lot has changed for me, I’m shifting the focus of It’s Me, Hezhi to bring to you more of the small things that I enjoy in hopes that it will give you some ideas and insight. Or entertainment at the very least.

I started It’s Me, Hezhi as a creative outlet to bring my passion for photography and fashion together. As I’ve grown older and with everything going on in the world right now, I’ve found it difficult and nearly impossible to enjoy things outside of work. I had a routine of eat, sleep work repeat that went on for a long time. I lost my motivation and used up all of the energy I had on going through the motions of a work day. Recently I’ve been able to prioritize myself a little bit again, I’ve been finding peace and solitude in small joys. Through It’s Me, Hezhi I will be able to bring my love of small things whether that’s style, beauty or just random thoughts and book recommendations together.

It’s Me, Hezhi is a place where you can come to get ideas and feel inspired and maybe a little bit entertained as well. I’m hoping you’ll find what you need in It’s me, Hezhi. Because I work full time, like many of you probably do, my goal is to share ideas that will fit well into your busy lifestyle. And if not, I hope I can make you smile!